Analytic and Geometric Approaches to Machine Learning

2021 Workshop: 26th - 30th July, Online
2022 Workshop: 11th - 15th July, In-person
University of Bath

Overview and Aims

As we enter the age of data we have seen the birth of machine learning methods to a diverse range of applications, including computer vision, classification/clustering, regression, data mining and prediction. Machine learning has been remarkably successful in applications but our theoretical understanding of many machine learning algorithms is still missing. This has led to an increasing appetite for the mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms. Particularly exciting is the potential for methods from applied mathematics, probability theory, and statistics to contribute to machine learning theory.

The aim of these workshops is to bring together researchers that apply mathematical methodology to machine learning. We particularly want to emphasise how mathematical theory can inform applications and vice versa.

The first workshop was held online on the 26th-30th July 2021. The second workshop will be held on the 11th-15th July 2022 at the University of Bath. In the first workshop invited speakers were encouraged to present open problems and explore interesting directions for potential research as part of their talk. These topics and areas of research will initiate conversations and collaborations to be developed at the forthcoming 2022 workshop.

We are grateful to our sponsors: the ICMS, NoMADS, Maths4DL and the university of Bath.

The two workshops in this series follow on from the LMS-Bath Symposium on the Mathematics of Machine Learning held 3-7 August 2020.

Confirmed Participants in the 2022 Workshop

Confirmed Speakers in the 2021 Workshop


2022 Workshop Registration

Please complete the registration form here to apply to join the summer 2022 workshop. The deadline for completing the form is 26th June 2022, and to apply for funding you should apply before the 15th May 2022.

2022 Workshop Schedule

The 2022 workshop schedule and joning information can be found here.

2021 Workshop Titles and Abstracts

Titles and abstracts for the 2021 workshop are below.

The slides from the 2021 workshop opening are below.


The workshop is funded by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) and supported by NoMADS (which in turn received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 777826). We are grateful for the hospitality of the University of Bath.

University of Bath
University of Bath